“Our 10 year old son Jathan has had several guitar instructors before, but we have never seen such a huge improvement in him like we have seen since he's been with Dave Osborn.  Jathan has shown such a passion and love for music and the guitar since Dave has been working with him.  Dave is not just any other guitar instructor, he takes time to find out what works best for his students.  He really brings out the special talent in each and every one of his students.  I cannot say enough good things about Dave Osborn.  We are truly lucky to have found such a genuine and talented guitar instructor to teach our son. It is evident that Dave truly loves what he does.”

Jan and Charmei Smith, Corona CA

“My son has been taking private guitar lessons with David for almost 4 1/2 years.  David’s technique for teaching is fantastic.  He tailors the lessons to meet each student’s interest in music--which keeps the lessons fresh and exciting. I never have to nag my son to practice the guitar because he loves what he is learning. David has been a wonderful inspiration to my son, not only in music, but also as a positive role model in his life.  My son looks forward to his weekly lessons and absolutely hates to miss them.   I cannot say enough about how encouraging and patient David is with my son.  He’s also very understanding of how busy my son is with his extra-curricular activities and has been very accommodating when we’ve needed to make adjustments to our lesson schedule.  I highly recommend you call David if you are looking to truly learn and love playing the guitar.”
Michele Knegt, Lake Forest CA
"I’ve been taking lessons from Dave a little over six years now and my playing has improved so much more than I ever would have  imagined. He’s helped my understanding of music, my playing ability, and my knowledge of the instrument so much. I’m also in a  band and have been able to incorporate what I’ve learned into writing my music and helping the rest of the band understand the  rhythms, keys, etc. He’s helped my understanding of all the styles that I want to play from classical to metal. Basically, Dave Osborn is  the best teacher around."
 Mike Brennan, Mission Viejo CA
“I have wanted to play the guitar since junior high school but because of what I perceived as a handicap (I’m left handed) I never perused my dream of playing the guitar... however, I was fortunate enough to come across David Osborn’s web site and I contacted him to see if he would be willing to teach a lefthander. He offered me a free class so that I could evaluate him and his teaching methodology. I must admit my skepticism at the outset.  Now I have been taking his classes for nearly a year and he has defied everything that I grew up believing—namely, that I couldn’t be taught... I can! He is dependable, reliable, hard working, conscientious, peace loving, courteous, and above all patient. Furthermore, David inspires you to believe in yourself and to continually develop. Thank you David for guiding me to realize my dream.”
Don Fontana, Corona CA  
Our son has been a guitar student of David’s for almost a year.  We are very pleased with the quick and continuous progress our son has made and the amazing amount of material he has learned.  David does an excellent job of keeping the student’s interest with his friendly personality and his knack for making the lessons really fun.  David personalizes the lessons by choosing songs that the student actually likes, which is very motivating when it’s time to practicing at home.  We are very happy to be a customer of David’s and we highly recommend him as a teacher.”
Joe & Lori Paulo, Corona CA

“I have been taking lessons from Dave for about 4 years now and my progression has been awesome. I have learned to play some incredible songs from some of the best styles of music like Blues, Classic Rock, and most recently Classical Guitar. No lesson disappoints. Each week I look forward to either a song or an exercise that has the ability to turn a head anywhere. Dave is a great guitar teacher who has the ability to inspire anyone to become the next Jimmy Page or Ferdinando Carulli."  
Andrew Marian, Mission Viejo CA
“My son has been taking guitar lessons from Dave for five years.  David’s impact on him both personally and musically has been very significant.  He has learned so much and has become quite an accomplished guitar player—and he’s only fifteen! He is currently playing in a band, writing and recording his own music, and is considering a career in music.  We feel extremely fortunate to have found David.  If you are interested in learning guitar, you are not going to find a better teacher."
Jim Thompson, Mission Viejo CA
"Our son Jared has been taking lessons from David for over a year.  I cannot describe how happy we are to have David as our son’s guitar teacher.  Not only has Jared developed a love and passion for guitar and music, but his confidence in himself has improved notably since he began lessons.  David has a special gift for teaching and for relating to others from which my son has benefited from immensely. He is highly recommended.
Tricia Stevenson, Mission Viejo CA
“I have been taking lessons from David for approximately 3 years.  I initially studied blues and rock guitar, however it wasn’t long before David observed that I had an affection for beautiful melodies.  Because of this, David recommended that I try classical guitar.  He gave me some things to work on and now I’m hooked!  I would have never guessed to try classical guitar.  David pays close attention to his students--he is extremely patient and knows how to teach in a way that is easy to understand.   I love the lessons and love that I continue to grow in my playing abilities and knowledge of music.”
Julie Saton, Corona CA